Yesterday we were over at Macy’s. Doing the, you know … Shopping thing. Chee loves to try on all these funky outfits. We were walking by the dressing rooms and there were a bunch of people standing around the TV. Macy’s did a cool thing; they installed TV monitors and a sitting area for the people who wait for other people who are trying things on. They were broadcasting on the earthquake in Hawaii. I waited for more information like where and if it was volcanic in nature. The news people are all prattling away with not much to say except the same thing over and over, Big Earthquake in Hawaiian Islands.
I had to go to the Internet to find out where, when, volcano, and etc.
It happened on Sunday at about 7 AM and it is reported as follows, a 6.6 quake hit 10 miles north-northeast of Kalaoa, a city on the west coast of the island of Hawaii; the Hawaii quake was centered 24 miles below sea level. The after shocks are felt around the other Hawaiian Island.

Ok, where are the tsunamis. They have been having lots of after shocks. So I turned to Mr. Wizard computer and found out the following information.

What causes a tsunami? An earthquake, with a magnitude 7.0 or greater, can generate tsunami. Earthquakes moves plate tectonic, which causes a change in the water level of the ocean. Plate tectonic move slightly up and on top (vertically) of another making a lot of water rise up. When a lot of water rises up it cause a lot of big waves under the top of the ocean, the waves move at extreme speeds, the average being about 450 miles per hour. A tsunami is born.

A non-tsunami earthquake occurs in the ocean floor in which the tectonic plates tend to slip horizontally against each other. Because water is virtually immune to the horizontal shearing motion of the ocean floor in these regions, little water is displaced.

Ever since I was little I’ve had dreams about swimming at the beach and a tsunami occurs. So generated by fear, I’ m always curious of these phenomena.

But, the way I look at the earthquake situation is the earth builds up a lot of gas and every once in a while it lets out a huge fart. So we just have to duck, cover or run. Whew that was a big one…

My heart goes out to all the islanders.