Channel 76 the fitness channel. Because of the battle of the bulge, I arise every morning early to work out. I used to ride the bike or walk. But it is so dark now at that hour, so I resorted to the TV. I tried videos, belly dancing, modern type of dance and walking. I grew tired of those and tuned into the fitness channel. Every morning they feature a different exercise session from hip-hop, yoga, weight training, kicking boxing, dancing and the list goes on. They are really designed for those who have experience in that particular exercise. Stretching with some yoga was the last one I attempted. I felt pretty good while following along. But a few hours later I was in pain, my hip and lower back. I hope no one else hurts himself or herself trying to keep up with the cool, beautifully sculpture body of men and women wearing matching work out outfits.

All I can say is there is nothing like a good brisk walk and a wonderful ride on the bike.

But really what I love is a nice warm berry pie with vanilla ice cream. Fresh bake bread with a pad of fresh butter, a bag of cashews, or a Cadbury milk chocolate bar, oh heck I could go on forever. At last taboo, those goodies can only to be taken in moderation.