This is a continuation of yesterday’s blog.  I always say it is such a small world.  Among the millions of people who occupy this planet the same people I have met in the past will surface in the present or the future.
The little down’s boy,  (I’ll call Rascal) that was my assigned student at the high school, I knew his mom when I was a teenager.  We hung around in the same circle; she was a few years older so my older brother probably had more of a friendship with her.  She married a nice enough young man and had two boys.   The last boy, Rascal turned out to be more than they could handle.  So the father left and it was very unpleasant.  Rascal’s mom met and married a man 25 or 30 years her senior, plus he was a different race.  Which caused quiet a scandal in their family.  She was very happy in her marriage, but her life was dictated by Rascal’s behavior and health problems.  I would talk to her in the parking lot and her eyes were so sad.  She was truly just tired of the roller coaster ride with her son.  She opened a little second store and the business is still going great.   She had two things going for her, her marriage and business.  Then her husband got cancer.  He was in and out of the hospital.  The cancer went into his bones, I saw him a few times and he was just fighting to live.  He was about 76 years old.  He was her rock.  Later I found out he passed away.  I thought oh, it must have been really hard for her to take care of two sick people.   Barely a year later I heard that Rascal’s mom died under mysterious circumstances.  Apparently she was on prescription medications, was found walking down the street in the middle of the night, a person Rascal’s grandmother knew saw her and picked her up.  They took her to the grandmother’s house.  The grandmother got Rascal’s mom comfortable and called some friends over to help.  Rascal’s mom passed away a few hours later.  Something was so fishy about that story.  Why didn’t they call 911, or take her to the emergency room?
Once in a while I will be driving down the street where the grandmother lived and I swear I can feel Rascal’s mom presence.  Eerie huh.  I always say that to the girls when we drive by that area, I wonder if it scares the hee-bee gee-bees out of them. Rascal’s mom was a pillar of strength, someone who I admired.  She had a very difficult life and did her best, she was a successful women.  The heart is strong with love, without love it grows weak and fragile. I just wanted to honor Rascal’s mom. Rascal is in a group home; he is a grown man now. One of the days I will run into someone who knows Rascal, and they will fill me in on his adventures.