Help wanted…
NASA Seeks Volunteers to Spend 3 weeks in Bed.
Compensation: $6,100 for 41-day study
NASA Space Center is conducting experiments on counteracting the effects of weightlessness. This is to simulate a zero gravity environment.
All you have to do is lie down for three weeks in bed with your feet about five inches higher than your head.  You will have to eat propped up on your elbow, use bedpans and shower lying down on a waterproof bed.
Caution, this simulation can cause weaken muscles and bone.
But wait, you get a little excitement every day; a one-hour ride on a centrifuge bed that spins about 30 times a minute to simulate gravity.
Guess what, NASA needs 30 people to conduct the study; unfortunately they only have 10 people.
So if you have a 3-week vacation coming up and cannot decide what to do, and you just want to rest and relax.  Check out the NASA offer.  To sweeten the pot you get paid.