This morning while trying to work up a sweat, I had the TV on to keep me company.  Sometimes it makes the time go by faster.  They had a piece on why American use to much gas and what you can do to cut down the amount of gasoline usage.  They showed a bunch of overweight people getting into their cars and driving off.  I’m thinking along the lines oh yeah, they want us to start walking or use public transportation.  Wrong….
Because Americans are so overweight we use more gas… So this is another campaign to make us feel horrible about ourselves.  It was not enough that they brainwashed us to believe in order to be beautiful you must be skinny.  Not to mention that the size 12 several years ago is now the XXX Large.  I think it is a little odd that the media is preaching to us to lose weight and almost every other advertisement on TV is about luscious, creamy, better tasting, 30 % more product for your money, in your face…FOOD.
Ok, there is a hole in that segment they did this morning on fat people = more gasoline use.  What about CARPOOLS? Do we stop carpooling, cause all those people in one car = Weight galore = wasting gas?  Yeah, researchers of these clips, we are not all gullible… We have brains with our slightly enlarged waistlines.