All Hallows = Halloween

All Hallows was the Celtic New Year. Samhain was the beginning of winter and celebrated as the New Year. (Don’t break out the champagne and party hats yet.)

The Celtics believed the Samhain was considered a very magical time when the dearly departed (dead) walked among the living. From October 31- November 2 the Celtic’s consider this time as an in-between time, no time. During these dates it was like a party at the Castro. Men and women dressed unusually, practical jokes were played, and children went from door to door asking for sweet breads nut and fruit. There are several versions, of the reason that costumes were worn.

1. Costumes were worn to scare the dead away

2. Costumes were worn as part of the celebration of the festivals

3. Costumes were a form of practical jokes

These in-between days were the time the dead would pass from this world to the next. The departed were not feared by the public, but were honored in this celebration. It was believed the veil was thin between the living and the departed. At this time one could pick up some valuable information from the departed.

A turnip would be carved and candle placed inside, it was believed that the candle would burn longer; this was used during the nights of the celebration.

Later when the European immigrated to the US a pumpkin took the turnips place.

The Catholic Church entered the scene during the 5th century. They adopted the day November 1 st as All Hallows Eve. The day the Saints were honored. People would go door to door and offer prayer to the family for sweet cakes. They believed the dead were in limbo at this time and the prayers would help the departed transition to the next world. If they were denied a treat, no prayer was offered and it was considered bad luck for their loved ones.

Now when those little ones ring the doorbell and you’re dropping the treats into their cute little bags you know just how All Hallows- Hollow-e’-en – Halloween started. In olden days, adults went out trick or treating too. So if you feel inclined grab your pillowcase and call me, we’ll head out together