cartoonblackcat1.gifcartoonblackcat1.gifIn keeping up with the Celtic tradition of Samhain, I am going to tell you a ghost story.
A few years ago the girls were asked to take care of the neighbor’s cats while they vacationed. On the day the neighbors were to return, Big sis ran home to get me. One of the cat’s she thought was dead. Oops. I grabbed my shoes and ran over. I found the cat in the little boy’s room very listless and alive. I scooped her up and took her downstairs. The cat’s name was Leaps she was an older cat, and it was her time. I got this feeling that she wanted to say goodbye to her family. I mixed up some sugar water and we sat with her and with a dropper kept her hydrated until the family returned home. They finally came home and the Wife had a melt down and we had to leave. Little Leaps did pass away that day.
A week later I was doing the dishes and looking out the kitchen window. I saw this black cat walk across our backyard, and then disappeared into thin air. I thought hum that was definitely a cat ghost. I thought nothing of it. A week later we ran into the neighbor. He told us the after Leaps died, a week later her mate Fig passed away. I asked when was that. It turned out that it was the same day I saw that cat vanish into thin air from my kitchen window. That cat looked exactly like Fig. I smiled and thought, Oh Fig wanted to say goodbye to us.
Believe it, or not.
Happy November 1st.