It is so funny this little world I live in. Every morning I get up, exercise, get dressed, eat breakfast and spend the new major hours in my cubical. I walk take a walk at lunch and smile at all the other people walking by. After work I go and pick up Chee, run errands, or take her to appointments and return home to fix dinner. After dinner, I clean up and maybe if there is something good on TV I will tune in. In-between TV and cooking I, would blog, read the interesting articles in paper, or read the mail and emails. Finally, I will become so tired I will head for a bath and bed. Then I the day starts again with the same activities. Only the weekends seem to have the variety, which I yearn for every so often.

Sometimes I will read something or hear something that I have never heard or knew was possible; only to realize that it was not new and a lot of people already knew about this thing. Then I got to thinking that maybe I live under a rock and I should be up with all the computer, music, movie, and world events. I make feeble attempts and soon find myself back to the same pattern as before. I guess after all these years I cannot really change. It is like that saying, you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. I love dogs