WORLDWIDE spending on military is 1.9 million every 60 SECONDS.
720 children die every day from lack of food and inexpensive vaccinations.

Every day 2.5 billion dollars is spend on arms, one out of eight children under the age to 12 goes hungry in the land of plenty… United States.

The cost of one Trident submarine, 100 billion can be used to clean up 3. 000 hazardous waste sites.

The U.S. Stealth bomber program 65 billion, could provide the US clean water for the next 10 years.

Two days of global military spending can be used to stop desertification.

Three weeks of Worldwide military spending can provide primary heath care of all Third World countries.

Five minutes worth of global arms spending, 8 million can protect endangered species and clean up ocean pollution for one year.

Taking 80% of the World’s military budget, and living in peace would fund safe water and sewage treatments around the world, reverse desertification, stop tropical temperate deforestation., start a global population control program.
(Stats: Scorched Earth, author William Thomas)

It should be made mandatory that a pre requisite for anyone globally that is thinking of going into politics must take and past the following classes with a B or higher grade.
Logical and practical spending: 101, 102, & 103.
Governing Ecologically: 210, 211, 212
Peaceful resolutions 300-321
Anti-egotistical governing 400-405
From the school of hard knocks…