I read that there is technology available to alter the weather.  It was used in the Vietnam War for example to generate rain constantly to wash out main thoroughfares.

Something that is new to me is the Cavitations Generator that uses sound beams to penetrate and crumble a little over 1/2 mile 3,280 feet of shear rock in a matter of second.  No TNT or dynamite needed.

Just imagine that technology.

A little while ago I was watching a documentary on Alzheimer’s.  A 70-year-old woman was diagnosed with the disease.  She was living independently and within 6 months her daughter had to look for other living arrangements for her that provided her with 24-hour supervision.  The daughter heard about a clinical research study on Alzheimer’s, they were asking for volunteers to participate.  She signed up her mom.  They did a surgical procedure that involved transplanting a few stem cells into the affected part of her brain.  After the recovery of the surgery she was back to living independently and doing really well.  This procedure gave her two years of independence.  Unfortunately the government stopped all research, she was not able to go back for a repeat procedure and quickly ended up in 24-hour care facility.

So much technology is available to cure these major diseases.  Every month I get letters in the mail asking for money to cure diabetes, cancer, and many other diseases.  I think about all the money that has been donated and still nothing tangible has come on the market.

One of my cousins was married to a brilliant man who found the cure for AIDS that was over two years ago.  Oh but wait, he does not have funding anymore and the FDA is moving at snail pace it’s investigation of this cure.

Here is a question to leave you with; how could there be a vaccine for feline leukemia, and no vaccine for human leukemia?