My father was the youngest child of six in an impoverished family. He grew up in Guyana a small country on top eastern side of South America. My father was a brilliant man who was able to go to United States and study medicine. After he finished his studies he returned to Guyana to work in the capacity of a physician. He had many opportunities to save lives and cure those with debilitating diseases. He would get in his car and drive from town to town people would stop him if they or someone they knew needed medical attention.

There were many times in his life that he literally could say, becoming a physician had saved him from death and many unpleasant situations. People knew him from the care he had administered to them and that granted him many favors.

My father spent is life dedicated to medicine. He was truly happy with his life choice. Somewhere in between his professional life he married and had four kids. My father had a very difficult life and worked very hard through many trials. He never gave up. In order to get through the many trials he endured, he built this invisible force field to protect him. Unfortunately, he lived behind it for so long that he forgot where the release button was located. As his immediate family we missed out on getting to know the true person. It wasn’t until my father had to take an early retirement due to a series of strokes, that I got to know him. He was an incredible human being. I loved him to pieces and I am so grateful to him for all that he has and continues to give to us. Thank you Pops, I miss you.
May 31,1922- November 9, 1993