Big Sis has been growing out her hair.  That has taken years, cause her hair grows so slow.  There were times when I thought of sneaking into her room while she slept and just cut it.  Big sis is not one to really doll up herself.  She wears in a low ponytail, or in a low messy bun.  Let’s face it, where Big sis goes to school the term dress up means taking a shower. There is a creek that runs through the college campus.  Some mornings when Big sis is walking to class she will see students in the creek bathing.  That is a good morning eye opener.
Big sis went down to Fantastic Sam’s today and cut her hair off.  Fantastic Sam’s is probably the only Hair salon that will cut your hair and prepare it for Locks Of Love.  They do that for free, that is Big sis favorite word.  You must have at least ten inches of hair. One person’s pony tail of ten inches or longer will make 1/10 th of a wig for someone who had lost their hair due to health reasons.
We have a neighbor, who does this for a children’s only agency, They require twelve inches of hair.  You are responsible for getting your hair cut and mailing it in to the agency.  They have a great website that explains it all.
Chee has a schoolmate she has known since sixth grade, who suffers from alopecia.  For three years she has been wearing scarves to school. I always wondered why she never wore a wig. Chee said a week ago she came to school with beautiful long blonde hair.  No doubt due to some kind people who donated their locks.