On Sunday Chee and I went to see Marie Antoinette.  I saw Sophia Coppola’s first film , Lost in Translation and thought it was descent. I had high hope for this film considering the amount of advertisement they did for it.
The movie is basically eye candy.  If you like the fashion and food, you will love this movie.
I was hoping for a little more political in-sight.  Since in that period of time there was so much going on in France.  It basically portrayed Marie as a self absorb naïve child, caught up in a world of riches and luxury.  I realize that is what the average person is taught.
I am sure Sophia Coppola did a lot of research on Marie Antoinette.  She should have shown a more balanced portrayal of the Queen of France.  There was so much gossip and blame placed on Marie Antoinette that her reputation was truly down the toilet.  Historians have uncovered many things she did to better France, and personal sacrifices she made.  But given to the times, someone had to be blamed and brought down for the troubles in France.  Why not choose a woman, Marie was the target.  (Not much has changed today we are still have the same mentality for instance a husband has an affair.  The blame is placed on the woman; i.e., oh that slut she could not keep her hands off of married men, or the wife wasn’t giving him what he needed at home.)
Ms. Coppola could of used this opportunity to truly define who was Marie Antoinette. 

To show that public, yes she did make mistakes, and she made very good contributions.
I was disappointed. My rating for the movie on a scale of 1 – 10, I rate it at a 4.5, that is a little high but it is because of the pain staking work they did in restoring that periods costumes and settings.
These days it is rare to see a movie that is thought provoking. Hollywood is so caught up in the sex, violence and fashions.  I hope this Hollywood phase exists pretty soon cause this movie-lover is growing into a movie not-liker.