When I was a child we lived in a neighborhood of mostly boys. It was really great for my brothers, but sad for me. Finally we got some new neighbors and they had a girl that was a few years older than I. We became friends. Peggy was her name. Everyone would tease her cause she was a little heavy. They would call her Peggy the Pig. I did not care; she was fun to hang around with. Peggy loved anything that was sweet. We would sneak into her kitchen when her Mom or the Bishop was not looking and steal cookies. The Bishop was a man of the priest hood, who just lived with the family. He wore a black robe and had a cross. He was really nice and would tell us bible stories and always watched out for Peggy.
After we got the cookies we had to find a safe place to eat them. Peggy and I would run into the bathroom and lock the door and eat the cookies. Sometimes Peggy would sit on the toilet and do her #1 and #2, but I did not care, I was eating cookies. We would hide in the bushes or in back of cars or down the street and eat cookies. It always amazed me how many cookies she could put away. Peggy was really fun we got along really well, Peggy had an older sister named Nancy and brother name Jim, they were adults. Once Nancy babysat for us and she introduced us to peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Not really something that I could add to my favorite list. Jim would hang out in his room and play the guitar with the black light and lava lamps going. We would spy on him every chance we could get. He was really weird. We would spy on the Bishop has he sat in meditation or reading the scriptures, that was boring.
Everyone was would pick on Peggy. They would fight with her and call her names. The kids were really mean to her. I would stand around rooting for her vocally or sometimes silently.
Once we had a Kool-Aid sale out in front of our house. We were charging 5 cents a cup. Peggy came over after a while and bought the whole pitcher. She paid something like one dollar in change. It took her 20 minutes to drink 2 quarts full of Kool-Aid. I remember when she was finished she stood at the front door hopping around calling to us to come and get the pitcher and to hurry cause she had to go pee. I had so much respect for her, because she could drink 2 quarts of Kool-Aid in 20 minutes. Wow!
One day Peggy called me over and told me that her parents were sending her to Catholic school in the city. I could not understand why, we had a school down the street. She said that her Mom told her that it would be better for her; no one would pick on her. Peggy left and I never saw her again. I really missed her. She was the best friend ever. It always amazes me how easily people float in and out of our lives only to leave us with the memories.
I IMAGINE that today Peggy owns a operates her own bakery and every morning people line up just to sample her cookies and pastries.