We had supper at the California Pizza Kitchen the other night. They have the most creative menu for pizzas, I’ve seen.
Big sis had the BBQ chicken pizza and Chee had the cheese pizza. How is that for daring? Hehehehe, Pizza wimps…
I had my favorite, Parmesan Chicken Caesar sandwich; it comes with a side of Caesar salad. No, I was not even Caesared out. That place is always packed full of people. The tables are really close together to cram in more people. We were enjoying ourselves, laughing and whooping it up when I looked over at the table that was next to us. There sat a young, a Mama, Dad a two kids around 5 to 7. Well it was very apparent that one of the children was very sick. Her checks were flushed with fever and she was miserable. Why in heaven’s name would you bring out a sick child in the public? I know California Pizza Kitchen is really good and you can have craving for it. Lets be sensible send the husband down for take out. They do have wonderful take out.
Where did common sense go? Could someone tell me why parents do things like that? It is those same parents that go to work later with the same bug raging in their systems and share it with the rest of the office. We have a couple of those at work right now.

I would highly recommend the Pizza Kitchen without the sick children and senseless parents.