Big Sis had her cell phone carrier changed.  She kept the same cell number.  Right after she changed the carrier she started getting calls from the number 513-531-3690.  Big Sis never picks up calls that she is uncertain about the phone number.  So Big sis has never intentionally answered a call from that number. This number calls on an average 2- 10 times a day.  She called her carrier and they said that there is nothing she can do about it and to not take it seriously.  Once she was on the line talking to me and this call came in.  She calls it the “scary number”.   Next thing you know we were disconnected and the scary number person got through.  It was a lady on the other end screaming Big sis name over and over.  Big sis hung up and called me back totally freaked.    We looked up the prefix it is in Ohio.  She does not know anyone is Ohio.  Big sis does not want to irritate this person because she thinks that would encourage the caller to call back.  I thought maybe she could answer the phone by blowing a whistle.  Every time the person calls just keep answering it with the whistle.  Big sis is very hesitant to do so.  I think one day she will get tired of this person calling and retaliate.  What would you do?