Weird News

I heard on a radio news report that December 22, 06 is declared National Orgasm Day for Peace by two Marin (CA) women.  It seems they what everyone to take a moment or two on December 22, 06 to achieve an orgasm.  After the event you’re suppose to think world peace.

Ok… What ever happen to light a candle for peace?

Pink Prison Wall Experiment Fails

A Kansas City, Missouri, prison is painting its pink walls their original gray color after a failed experiment.

After a Dallas County Detention Center in Buffalo painted their walls pink in a bid to calm prisoners, the Kansas City jail followed suit.

Scientific research has suggested that the pink jails make inmates less aggressive, and jails across the country have experimented with the idea. However, the Kansas City Police Department says it didn’t work for them, and inmates will now reside in cells painted in back-to-the-basics institutional gray.

Ok… Nice to know where our tax dollar goes.