When I was in England I went to visit my cousin. She was newly married the second time around.  She lived in a big old home with four levels.  We ate dinner and talked for a while.  That was when I found out that they had a Squatter living in the attic. They told me this lady just walked into their house one day and stayed.  Apparently that was something that happened every so often.  She had been there for three months; my cousin and her husband were working with the legal services to get her removed from the house. I wondered where she went to the bathroom and what she ate.  It was the strangest thing.  I thought how fair is that for someone to walk into someone’s home and feel that was now his or her new residences.

In 1620 this ship full of people landed in what is now call Massachusetts.  They were looking for a new home and figured that this was it.  They stepped off the ship scouted around and found a nice bit of land and set up camp.  They soon realized that they were not alone.  It never really occurred to these boat people that they might be on someone else property.  It never occurred to them that in their Mother Country they could never just settle on a piece of land they happen to come across with out first umm…asking permission to rent or buy it.  So these boat people who landed on Plymouth Rock Massachusetts were squatters.

I thought well these boat people really were looking for a better place to live because they hated being over taxed underpaid and living in horrible conditions.  They had to get away, so they got in their ships and went through a lot of hardships out there in the big ocean.  They needed to find land, after all man was not born with fins. By the time they got here they were too tired and low on food supplies to go back or somewhere else. So it was ok that they stayed and made themselves a new home.

What about the Cubans who take that journey by boat to the land of hope, USA?  What about the Mexicans that walk across the scorching desert because they are looking for a better place to live?  They too are trying to run away from a life of poverty.  If this is a land where in 1620 people could come and just squat why did it change? Why was it ok then and not now?
Truth of the matter is, it was not ok then and just like it is not ok now. No one should ever assume that they could just walk onto property and magically it belongs to them.