Wrestling tigers, Bungee jumping off a bridge, Jumping over cars with your motorcycle, swimming with sharks, are people who do wild outlandish, daredevil stuff, crazy?
They have the fearless DNA, Type T, or in regular terms, a thrill seeking personality.
It is a genetic trait that causes a deficit of dopamine in the brain.  Those brains that are short of the dopamine require more stimuli to get satisfying rushes.
Well, I can honestly say my brain produces a little over the amount of dopamine.  My motto is better safe that sorry.
I think back at the most daring thing I ever did, while my memory is not what it was, the only thing I can remember is not really all that daring, and somewhat unkind.
There was a young couple that lived down the street from us.  Their last name is Bell.  So they had this large brass bell installed in their front yard. It was set up kind of like the Liberty Bell right dead center in the front yard.  Every day Mr. Bell would come home he would ring the bell. Most everyone heard that bell ring.  One night my brother and I went down and toilet papered the bell.  I was scared out of my mind that he was going to catch us.  I believe we did that twice.  The next thing you know that guy puts up a fence and around his whole front yard. What a party pooper.  Thus ending all future daredevil bell-related stuff.