What are you doing here?  I know it is none of my business, but you seem so over qualified for this job.  Why are you working at that company? These are questions that were ask of me today by the Assistant Manager of the company my company has a contact with.  I work off site at the client’s facility.

You can go along and convince yourself that everything is alright and that all the doubts and negative feelings you have for your job is something that you imagine because you are bored, or worst yet ungrateful.

I took off and went for my walk shortly after the interrogation.  I wonder just how many people are out there doing stuff that they are over-qualified for.  I bet you that it is probably well over the 50% range.  I see many immigrates who were doctors and lawyers in their countries over here working as nurses aides or pizza delivery people.  I see college graduates working as receptionists or in coffee shops.  I see people who go to school for years and come out with very impressive degrees not able to get a job because they don’t have work experience.  I also see the other end, where people who have so much work experience without a college degree get stuck in non-management jobs with low wages.   Fairness in the job market does not exist.  If you have a good job, one that you love, I think that is a gift.  If you are making  a lot of money and in a upper management position you are truly lucky or know the right people.

I went back to my cube plugged in my book on CD and continued working.