December 2006


There are 200 million Blogs which are no longer being undated


More than one in eight people in US shows signs of addiction to the internet


George Bush personal highlight of his presidency is catching a 7.5lb perch( his best feat yet)


In 1960 the CIA used to watch Mission Impossible to get ideas about spying


Standard size condoms are too big for most Indian men ( Oh-oh…)


The lion custom in the film Wizard of Oz was made from real lion (Bad Hollywood)


Fathers tend to determine the height of their child. Mother’s tend to determine the weight. (Not in my family)


Panspermia is the idea that life in Earth originated on another planet (I ‘m into UFOs)


Watching TV can act as a natural painkiller for children


The egg came first


The Pope’s been known to wear Red Prada’s


Coco Chanel started the trend for Sun Tans in 1923 when she got accidentally burnt on a cruise.


The Mona Lisa used to hang on the wall of Napoleon’s bedroom (Nice taste)


Barbie’s full name is Barbie Millicent Roberts


Cows can have regional accents according to a Professor of phonetics.




Thanks ML for kind of tagging me.

I make up words all the time.  It is like I have my own language.
For example: Cherry bum bums are elastics you put in your hair.  Ssshhhhenkin is Chicken, and Dinosaur is dinner

I always pinch my family members bums.

I have a name for every thing I own.  My phone is name Pony and he is rude and obnoxious.  If the girls will say something in the presence of Pony he will respond back with something not so nice. Of course Pony uses me as his speaker.
My car is named Saphir.
My electronic organizer’s name is Palmie, she’s really shy.  The list goes on…

I wanted a sister badly when I was a kid and made up one.  She is my twin and sometimes when the girls harp on me for something, The response back is oh, I’m your mother’s twin, just subbing for the day, you’ll have to wait until she returns to voice your grievances. My twin subs for me a lot.

I love Target.  If I go to on vacation I always try and find a Target.  I always visit other Targets and compare them to our Target.  I can tell you the worst Targets I have visited are the ones in Costa Mesa and Santa Ana, CA.  The biggest Target I ever saw was the one ML took me to in Utah.  It had a target grocery store built on. Everyday Target sends me an email with all the sales and specials that are going on.

We found this plastic Zebra by the pool one day.  I washed him up and put him in Saphir (Car).  Every once in a while the Zebra will jump on the steering and drive down the street.  He is getting better with his driving skills compared to the first time he drove.

Ok, Maybe I am just over the edge on weird.

How many times have you received a gift that you did not like?  What did you do with it?
If you turned around and gave it to someone else as a gift then you are a re-gifter.
According to a recent pole 78% of 1500 people think it is perfectly acceptable to re-gift.  Most of the re-gifters who answer positive to the pole were women.
I have an aunt who would send me the most unusual gifts, from time to time.  I did not know what to think of these little strange goodies until one day she sent me one the had a tag on the bottom that said; To: My aunt name was hand written out, From: Your friend Betty.  Ah ha a re-gifter.
These gifts I don’t really care for, so I give them away to charity.
This is so popular that they have a website for re-gifters called,  It offers advice to potential re-gifters so they can avoid embarrassing situations.
The site doles out common sense suggestions, like do not give a partially used gift card or do not give someone a present they originally gave you.
The site also allows re-gifters and recipients to tell their horror stories. The following is a story from the site.
Mike, from New York, writes of a wealthy great-aunt giving him a used pair of black socks and a partial bottle of men’s cologne.
“I can only assume that these belonged to my great uncle who had passed away several years earlier,” Mike wrote. “To this day, whenever I see thin, black, old man socks, I think of my aunt.”
Do you have a story of being on the recipient side of a re-gift?

What would I do if I had the day off?

I would of course sleep in.

Then I would use my new Christmas griddle and make eggs with bacon and some hot tea.

I would then sit down with Chee and watch one of the movie she got for Christmas.

I would get dressed in one of my outfits I got for Christmas.

I would convince one of the girls to go for a walk with me.

I would shop the after Christmas sale and look for a new tree and toaster.

We would stop at a coffee shop and have tea and biscuits.

Well I can dream, while sitting here in my cube at work, when hardly anyone is here because they are doing the things I dream of. But hey I will be caught up on my work.


Life in the fast lane surely makes you looooose your mind. Theses are some pictures of Big Sis’s friends from Croatia. This is what they like to do for fun. Of course Big Sis does not participate because she has never been to Croatia, and she does not recommend you try this at home. Warning don’t let your friends drink and slip n’ slide or jump over a fire naked!


I don’t know why certain things interest’s me that really should not.

Miss America, Tara Conner

I never watch the show anymore and really cannot say who wins from year to year.

But this news clip is all over the public like cheap suits.

Miss American is checking into a rehab center because of alcohol; but, wait the story is not quite finish yet, she is NOT an alcoholic.  Well, why in the heck would anyone check into a rehab if they were not a drug addict or alcoholic? It is not for the food or entertainment. 

A question came up to entice the public, why is it that Vanessa Williams was kicked out of Miss America Pageant for posing in nude photos or a former Miss Universe was told a few months into her rein that if she did not lose weight she would have to relinquish her crown.

Why is there standards set up for some people and the same standards do not apply to other people. 

I am really baffled with this one.

I was watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show tonight. .  Actually we only watched about 7 minutes of the show. The beautiful models parade down a runway that looks like someone glued broken glass on.  These models are wearing ridiculously high heels walking in a very unnatural and unattractive strut.  Who came up with that strut?
Each model is wearing lingerie that I have never seen at Victoria Secret store.  It takes several people to get these models into these lingerie pieces.  I guess you can be a college graduate with a flowing tail or wear a 6 million dollar diamond studded bra and underwear, how about a snow queen with a full fur hat and mittens with skimpy panties and bra or better yet wear big beautiful angel wings that weigh a ton and butt floss panties with silver trimmed under-wire bra.
The best parts of the show were the other shows we watched and the pink  Victoria Secret stuffed dogs they were handing out in the behind the scene shots
I really wonder why there is such a fascination in watching this fashion show.  I not a man, so I cannot speak for them, but speaking from a women’s point of view, I find it just reinforces my insecurities of my own figure.  I get enough of that in everyday life.
This is what I heard today from the media.  They would like to put labels on all women’s jeans over size eight, an obesity hot line number.

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