I have always wondered about Niagara falls.  It seems so massive and scary.  But here are somethings I never heard of about this great wonder.

The historical roots of Niagara Falls lie in the Wisconsin glaciation’s, which ended some 10,000 years ago. The North American Great Lakes and the Niagara River are effects of this last continental ice sheet, an enormous glacier that crept across the area from eastern Canada. The glacier drove through the area like a giant bulldozer, grinding up rocks and soil, moving them around, and deepening some river channels to make lakes. It dammed others with debris, forcing these rivers to make new channels. It is thought that there is an old valley, buried by glacial drift, at the approximate location of the present Welland Canal.
After the ice melted back, drainage from the upper Great Lakes became the present-day Niagara River.

I hope those people and animals got out before the iceberg buried the Old valley 

Native American legend tells of Lelawala, a beautiful maid betrothed by her father to a brave she despised. Rather than marry, Lelawala chose to sacrifice herself to her true love He-No, the Thunder God, who dwelt in a cave behind the Horseshoe Falls. She paddled her canoe into the swift current of the Niagara River and was swept over the brink. He-No caught her as she plummeted, and together their spirits are said to live forever in the Thunder God’s sanctuary behind the Falls.

I would of just ran away… 

Now I know why Honeymooners go to Niagara Falls.