When we were young, my mom used to work on Saturdays. My dad would go out to the grocery store early and come home with these gooey sweet rolls, apple turnovers, bear claws or what ever the store had out for breakfast pastries.  We would never tell Mom, because we feared she would put a stop to it.  He would bring them home and we would anxiously wait while he unpacked these breakfast beauties.  My brothers could not wait to sink their teeth into these pastries.  Then he would set them out for display he would announce you have to eat a bowl of cereal before you can eat these.  This is where the boys had an advantage on me.  They could wolf down their cereal then get first pick and because they are boys have this bottomless pitt for stomachs they would continue to eat.  I on the other hand would take forever to eat my cereal and by the time I was finished I would be full.  This past weekend I showed up to my parents house with bear-claw coffee cake and berry turnovers. My dad was so excited as I set them out then I said, Gaytor, you have to eat a bowl of cereal first.  Ha, revenge is sweet.  But he had a good laugh, which put a huge damper on the revenge scene.

I would like to put some complaints to the Universe,
I don’t think it is fair that boys can eat more than girls and not gain weight.
I don’t think it is fair that a women and man can have the same job, start employment at the same time and the man makes more money.
I don’t think it is fair that a man gets better services at a restaurant than women.
Oh geeze, I am on a roll