Cookie baking party was fun.  Except when I got a whipped on my bum from a twisted kitchen towel twice: my four toes slapped by some cool looking waffled sole shoes, my socks soaked with water split on the floor, and a huge sugar high.  I did get to call Py a spoiled brat, and taste Maya’s lovely chocolate cookies and watch my Uncle make pineapple tarts.  I did get a back rub, only after I had it knocked out of wack. We had some great Kentucky fried chicken, cold slaw, mash potatoes, and rolls, with more cookies, fudge and cakes.  Someone did ask me if I was all right and how much did I have to drink after I did a good interpretation of a cookie dance.
All in all I think there should be a warning label with the Cookie Baking Party invitation. Over indulging in sweets may cause extreme hyperactivity.