I was at my favorite store a few days ago, Target. I was in the women’s department shopping. I saw these two teenage boys walking up and down the isle carrying a black pair of women’s pants. One of the boys is on his cell phone talking to his mother about finding an outfit for a woman. The other boy picked out a top to go with the black pants, the other boy on the cell phone said, “Dude that is a pregnant shirt.“ The other guy said how can you tell? He said, hey dude look at the lady in the picture. I thought what lady in the picture, I looked over and saw them stating at the wall. He put back the top and came my way. They cut in front of me and pulled out an over sized peasant knitted shirt from the rack and said hey this matches. One of the boys turned to me and said, “lady what do you think of this out fit for a homeless lady who lives in a shelter?”
Hum dumb looking; of all the clothes in Target this is what you come up with. Holy smokes, you guys need to go to fashion school or something.
I really said, too much black, maybe you could find a different top that is a different color.
They waltzed over to other racks, exclaiming this is really hard dude. It took every bit of restraint for me to bud out and allow them this opportunity to experience true shopping.
Later I was hanging out at the purses when I saw them walking up the isle towards the checkout. One of them was holding a plain lilac pull over and the other was holding a black tank with a little lace around the yoke and a black bow in the middle of the neckline. He stopped and said to me, “lady, what do you think”, while holding up the black pants and black tank top. I smiled and said, nice. He ran up a head and said, “hey dud we got an approval from a lady.”
Don’t you just love the holiday season?