Author Marian Keyes

When I was young I wanted a sister so bad. But of course it was not meant to be.  I dreamt that my sister and I would talk about everything; yeah we’d argue and fight, but all in all we’d get along.  She would be beautiful and have many boyfriends.  She would be kind and maybe set me up with a few of them.  When we got older she and I would call each other almost daily, have lunch and shop frequently.

When I read this book Angles it was like I was a part of main character, Maggie’s family.  She had five sisters. I felt that I could have been one of her sisters.
Maggie lived in Ireland and she is married to Garv.  She is unsettled, haunted by events of her past and thoughts of the grass being greener on the other side of the hill.  One night Garv says something that causes her to think he has been unfaithful.  She leaves him and goes to her parent’s home.  There she sits in a stupor of depression for weeks until her long time friend Emily calls her from the Hollywood CA.  Emily invites her to come out to CA for an extended holiday.  She takes Emily up on her offer.  Emily is a screenplay writer trying to make a big break in Hollywood.   This story has so much humor even when laced with the seriousness of failed relationships. Here is just a sample. “We will shortly be landing in Los Angeles International Airport.  Please ensure your seat is in the upright position, that you weigh less than a hundred pounds and you have excellent teeth.” I had a real good laugh at some of the situations the characters got themselves into.
It gives the reader an insight of how different the American culture is compared to the Irish culture.  I found myself wanting to move to Ireland just to be a part of something we lack here in United States.  What is that you say?  A closeness, a connection with people. Now, maybe in real life it is not so.  But in this book, it was there and I wanted to be a part of that.
After I finished reading this book I missed it so much.  All in all I recommend this book for a fun light read.