I still think about this position that I was offered over a year ago. This business dealt with babies. The company supplied eggs and surrogate mothers to clients who needed these services. Most of the clients are women who are career minded and are in their late 30’s and early 40’s and want a child of their own. If you were a client you could choose what you wanted your child to look like. They would have a catalog of young ladies with their very specific information. I got to go through some of the catalogs and notice most of these girls were young college age students.
In the middle of the interview that Director asked me if I was interested in donating my eggs, because there was a big market for East Indian eggs. I smiled and just asked more questions about the clinic.
It seems like many movie stars use these services. Madonna for instance needed donor eggs the end results was Roco. Ceiline Dion requested donor eggs for her current son and the other one on ice that she may use some day.
I was talking to the receptionist and she said that she just gave birth to twins. I congratulated her and she told me that she was a surrogate mother for a client. Eighteen months prior to that she carried a little boy for another client. She said so far she has provided these services three times. She added that she was going to do it again. I told her she was a brave woman. I thought if I carried a baby for 9 months there is no way I could part with it.
I am really impressed with anyone women who would unselfishly donate her eggs or carry a child for someone else.
If I did that I would spend the rest of my life thinking about that child and hoping I would have an opportunity to be a part of his or her life.