The etiquette of a phone call.
I do not usually like to call anyone on the phone. I would rather talk to them in person. But if I make a call to someone, and get their voice mail or recorder, I always hesitate to leave a message, because they usually do not return the call. How long do you wait before calling them back and leaving another message? How many times are you allowed to call back and leave a message? May be I am not suppose to call back at all because that person does not feel that I am important enough to return my call.
Now I can see if you just went on a date with someone and after the date, they said hey I ‘ll call you and they never did. Then you call them and get voice mail, leave a message and they never call back.
But if you make a business call, or a social call to a friend, or a call to a neighbor it seems like the same rules apply as the one date guy. If they are not interested in you they don’t have to call back.
In a world of phones, where an individual has one in bedroom, one in the bathroom, one in the family room, one in the kitchen, one in the car, several at the office; it seems weird that when you make a call a machine answers.
If you call someone and an actual person answers the phone it is a small miracle.