I was watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show tonight. .  Actually we only watched about 7 minutes of the show. The beautiful models parade down a runway that looks like someone glued broken glass on.  These models are wearing ridiculously high heels walking in a very unnatural and unattractive strut.  Who came up with that strut?
Each model is wearing lingerie that I have never seen at Victoria Secret store.  It takes several people to get these models into these lingerie pieces.  I guess you can be a college graduate with a flowing tail or wear a 6 million dollar diamond studded bra and underwear, how about a snow queen with a full fur hat and mittens with skimpy panties and bra or better yet wear big beautiful angel wings that weigh a ton and butt floss panties with silver trimmed under-wire bra.
The best parts of the show were the other shows we watched and the pink  Victoria Secret stuffed dogs they were handing out in the behind the scene shots
I really wonder why there is such a fascination in watching this fashion show.  I not a man, so I cannot speak for them, but speaking from a women’s point of view, I find it just reinforces my insecurities of my own figure.  I get enough of that in everyday life.
This is what I heard today from the media.  They would like to put labels on all women’s jeans over size eight, an obesity hot line number.