I don’t know why certain things interest’s me that really should not.

Miss America, Tara Conner

I never watch the show anymore and really cannot say who wins from year to year.

But this news clip is all over the public like cheap suits.

Miss American is checking into a rehab center because of alcohol; but, wait the story is not quite finish yet, she is NOT an alcoholic.  Well, why in the heck would anyone check into a rehab if they were not a drug addict or alcoholic? It is not for the food or entertainment. 

A question came up to entice the public, why is it that Vanessa Williams was kicked out of Miss America Pageant for posing in nude photos or a former Miss Universe was told a few months into her rein that if she did not lose weight she would have to relinquish her crown.

Why is there standards set up for some people and the same standards do not apply to other people. 

I am really baffled with this one.