How many times have you received a gift that you did not like?  What did you do with it?
If you turned around and gave it to someone else as a gift then you are a re-gifter.
According to a recent pole 78% of 1500 people think it is perfectly acceptable to re-gift.  Most of the re-gifters who answer positive to the pole were women.
I have an aunt who would send me the most unusual gifts, from time to time.  I did not know what to think of these little strange goodies until one day she sent me one the had a tag on the bottom that said; To: My aunt name was hand written out, From: Your friend Betty.  Ah ha a re-gifter.
These gifts I don’t really care for, so I give them away to charity.
This is so popular that they have a website for re-gifters called,  It offers advice to potential re-gifters so they can avoid embarrassing situations.
The site doles out common sense suggestions, like do not give a partially used gift card or do not give someone a present they originally gave you.
The site also allows re-gifters and recipients to tell their horror stories. The following is a story from the site.
Mike, from New York, writes of a wealthy great-aunt giving him a used pair of black socks and a partial bottle of men’s cologne.
“I can only assume that these belonged to my great uncle who had passed away several years earlier,” Mike wrote. “To this day, whenever I see thin, black, old man socks, I think of my aunt.”
Do you have a story of being on the recipient side of a re-gift?