Thanks ML for kind of tagging me.

I make up words all the time.  It is like I have my own language.
For example: Cherry bum bums are elastics you put in your hair.  Ssshhhhenkin is Chicken, and Dinosaur is dinner

I always pinch my family members bums.

I have a name for every thing I own.  My phone is name Pony and he is rude and obnoxious.  If the girls will say something in the presence of Pony he will respond back with something not so nice. Of course Pony uses me as his speaker.
My car is named Saphir.
My electronic organizer’s name is Palmie, she’s really shy.  The list goes on…

I wanted a sister badly when I was a kid and made up one.  She is my twin and sometimes when the girls harp on me for something, The response back is oh, I’m your mother’s twin, just subbing for the day, you’ll have to wait until she returns to voice your grievances. My twin subs for me a lot.

I love Target.  If I go to on vacation I always try and find a Target.  I always visit other Targets and compare them to our Target.  I can tell you the worst Targets I have visited are the ones in Costa Mesa and Santa Ana, CA.  The biggest Target I ever saw was the one ML took me to in Utah.  It had a target grocery store built on. Everyday Target sends me an email with all the sales and specials that are going on.

We found this plastic Zebra by the pool one day.  I washed him up and put him in Saphir (Car).  Every once in a while the Zebra will jump on the steering and drive down the street.  He is getting better with his driving skills compared to the first time he drove.

Ok, Maybe I am just over the edge on weird.