January 2007

There are so many different popular chefs on food network. I just love watching this channel. Why, because everyone is so happy on this on this channel. There is no anger, sex or violence. Unless you get upset with chopping vegetables or cooking various animals, my suggestion is to try another channel.
Paula’s Tips; Paula is this middle age southern cook. She cooks comfort food. She is always bubbly and inviting. She makes stuff that I would never think of, or make. They are so gooey and full of stuff that would not agree with me. But she presents her meals so beautifully and full of joy, plus she always has her dog around who give comments and samples her food.
Cooking Semi Homemade with Sandra Lee, she is this skinny blonde Mom that makes meals by combining can goods, frozen foods and fresh food. I wonder if she ever eats.
Then there is The Barefoot Countesses comes up with lots of food and I know she tries everything she eats. She is believable and I bet she is an excellent cook. I would like to go to her home for dinner
Giada, is petite Italian chef with a big smile and she is really cute. She hypnotic when teaching her audience how to fix her recipes and she is fun to watch.
The only recipes that I have tried are Rachel Ray’s. I get some good ideas from her, which I modify to what I have on hand. I am so happy I have this channel cause it take the monotony out of deciding what to cook every day.


Tennis Open
We were channel surfing and stopped on the women Tennis open in Australia. Tennis is has changed.  The ball still goes from one court to the next and there are still two players on each side of the court.  But the fashion has changed.  The colors and styles are really wild and the shoes match, and there is jewelry, some very large and colorful.  Then there is a lot of grunting, which is kind of gross.  While it is really interesting to watch, the grunting just got to me.  So back to channel surfing we went.

Spanish women often head into changing rooms with an armful of different sizes never knowing which one will fit this time or whether any will fit at all.
But by 2008 those days could be over. Spain’s biggest fashion retailers have bowed to government pressure to standardize their sizes and reflect the real size of Spain’s growing population.
Under new regulations, a size 40 garment in one store will need to be at least roughly comparable to a size 40 in another shop.
There will also be a push to increase the sizes of shop window mannequins to at least a European size 38.  Spanish authorities want to ensure beauty is linked to health.
Spain’s health ministry described the current ones as unreal dolls of “alien dimensions”, which it sees as directly encouraging eating disorders such as anorexia.

Yeah, finally some brave souls have stood up and are making a change, this is one time I am rooting for the domino effect.

What constitutes most of the trash in the world today?
I thought Star Bucks with all the coffee cups, I see spilling over garbage cans.
No, it is E-waste. Electronic waste, because cell phones, computers, TV’s, CD players and radios are so cheaply made and break down so fast that they generate more waste than any other product on the market.

Who are the richest companies in the world?
I thought Microsoft maybe McDonalds, Star Bucks again? No…
The Credit card companies. They prey on people who are credit card happy, ones that cannot pay off their cards every month. Did you know that Zero percent interest tempter is really not zero % for very long they can actually rocket up to 400 %. I don’t understand this but if you apply for a car loan, be careful and check you’re your credit card interest rate. Somehow when you apply or even just inquire about a car loan credit card companies get wind of this and automatically raise your rate.
For those people who pay off their credit card bills every month, the credit card companies affectionately refer them to as Dead Beats, due to the fact that they cannot make any money off of you.


Saturday we went to IKEA. I can never remember a time when we have gone to that store and it was not packed with people.  The top floor is relatively safe to navigate through.  It was the bottom floor that you really have to watch where you are walking; least someone pushes his or her cart right into you.  They had a sale on pictures, .25 cents for a series of three 16×20.  I heard someone say, where are the .25 pictures? The next thing you know there was immediately a traffic jam of shopping cart in the area, people yelling throw me one into the crowd.   Yes I did get one.  Big Sis was already there and back before someone yelled where are the .25 cents pictures.? I was returning them, because they were not our decor color, never got close.
IKEA is truly an experience.  If you eat at the Cafeteria, the food is cheap and eatable.  The Kids section is the best to me.  They always have the best stuffed animals.  Down stairs there is a food court where you can buy frozen and pre-packaged foods.  The frozen meatballs are everyone’s favorite.  They have a pre-package bread kit that makes the nicest homemade bread. This is one place we can go to for entertainment (weird people) and good buys.

I am constantly seeing Quizanos commercials. They bombard the commercial waves. I have counted two times that I tried one of their hot specials. Both times I ended up throwing out the sandwich after a couple bites. I am not a gooey sandwich type of person. I totally enjoy a good Subway or Togo’s sandwich. It seem like the majority of sandwich eaters enjoy Quizanos, because I have noticed a lot of Togo’s are closing up.
Which do you prefer?

If you think it is rude to present your middle finger to people who drive like a bat out of hell, then this gadget is right up your alley. This gadget projects a red happy or sad or mad face on your rear window.

Grocery GPS. It seems like this device is attached to the grocery cart. It will tell you exactly where the egg noodles or rose water are. Well the good part of this one is a person doesn’t have to search all over the grocery store for grocery clerk.

Check this out.

In the year 2006 Omid Farikhzad and Robert Langer devised a lethal dose of a chemical called Docetaxel into a Polymer 1000th the width of a human hair. This Poylmer dissolves ONLY the insides of the CANCEROUS human cells, and for the men in the group Docetaxel kills prostate cancer.
Funding problems and time-consuming safety test have slowed down the introduction to the public. Well let’s see, if Dick or “W” had prostate cancer, I am sure things would speed up for the sake of the welfare of our great leaders. (yeah@#$%^&)

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