What is one day? Why is it the time between December 31st and Jan 1st always marks the magical moment of change?
This is when all the commercials on TV and radio slam us with lose weight, stop smoking, and get healthier ads.
We personally examine ourselves and commit to making a change on Jan 1st.
The gym memberships increase over 100%.  Everyone is gong ho on getting fit, stop smoking being healthier.
February 14th loams in the air and the TV commercials radio ads and stores are full of chocolates for the special love one. Everywhere you go there are cute little chocolate hearts, bears with chocolates, boxes of chocolates all sorts of heart shaped candy.  The temptations are too much and the diet and health part of the New Year resolution is put on hold. Oh but wait, Easter is around the corner then, a whole new array of confections await us. Once again the bombarding begins.
Some times the best of intentions need to be supported on order to succeed.
My point is, our social structure is not supporting to the goals that are fed to us by the media.
I really believe the best resolution to make for the New Year is to accept who we are and embrace the talents, the strength, and the courage we have to exists in a world where you have to dig down deep to find the positive. When we feel good about ourselves, we are apt to treat others better. Which equates to Peace with in and all around.