I was so excited when I saw the advertisement for this movie.  I could hardly wait to go and see it.  Py got the book before Christmas, he read and past it on to me.  I struggled to get through the book and gave up.  I put off seeing the movie until I read several reviews.  Finally last Friday I picked up Chee from school and we went off the see Children of Men. We sat through the 1-hour and 40 something minutes.  While the movie was not a yawner; it was a on the end of your seat kind of move, total action and violence galore, a total man movie.  It was like everyone said nothing like the book except the same theme.
After the movie we existed the theater and I asked Chee where she would like of go for dinner.  Chee said to me, I cannot eat, that movie was so gross and violent.  So we walked around the shops until her mind healed a bit.
Yes it was violent.  Must be like how it is in the Middle East. I was very disappointed with the movie.  Often times I’ll think I go to see a movie for entertainment purposes. But what is my definition of entertainment, something that I do not see on the CNN 24 hour’s day,
something that takes me away from the world’s war problems. With all the reviews for this movie I did not hear one person say this was a really violent movie, but then I only heard the reviews from a man’s perspective.

Clive Owen is kind of dreamy