I was watching QVC, the gem week show specifically the Affinity Diamond Collection.  I had my pen and note pad ready to jot down the item number to my new piece of JEW-EL-REE.  I watch each and every piece show cased. (I never do that, so I knew I was serious about buying jewelry)  There were plenty of Champagne diamonds, which are really hot right now.
Did you ever see the movie Mystic Pizza? It is a really good chick flick.  I think it was Julia Robert’s first movie.  In the movie, one of the character’s was proposed to her by her long time boyfriend.  He got down on one knee and presented her with a champagne diamond.  She thought it was gross and cheap and was really repulsed by it. If she only knew they would be in style in 2006-2007.
The girls came in to the living room and rolled their eyes, they ask me if I was depressed.  Yeah, like jewelry would make me depressed.
I did rationalize that if I got a piece of these beauties show cased, I would wear it for a few days and then it would end up in the jewelry box for who knows how long.  I patted myself on the back for a good New Year decision.

P.S. It is estimated in 7 billion years our Sun will crystallise into the biggest diamond ever. Can you imgine wearing that diamond on your finger. Ouch!