When I first started this job, a girl who is a year younger than Big sis trained me.  She was being promoted to Marketing.  She has a high school education, and no previous experience.  She is a very attractive girl and wears plenty of makeup which she spent tons on money on.  She would show me her sites on the Internet where she would purchase her goodies.  Her Mother has a corporate position in this small company, which gave her a huge push into the position.
Well, if you are young, attractive and there is nepotism involve, you are pretty much made in the shade.
She was telling me that she met a man over the Internet and the relationship moved pretty fast and now they are living together talking about marriage; great I thought the Internet works miracles.  The only
draw back I think is the age difference.  She is 23 and the man is 55 and well off.  It does not take a mathematical genius to figure that money was the big motivator for this young child.
I drove up with her to the Christmas party; she had just gotten out of the hospital a few days before because of a intestinal infection.  This girl wore a blouse the plunged down lower than low and hipster jeans, the blouse only came up to her midriff.  Apparently the selection of the outfit left the boyfriend unhappy.  The argued over the phone on the way up to Sacramento and on the way back home.  We had to stop at Costco so she could buy Christmas gifts for the company’s clients and she had to buy him a few gifts cause he was at home pouting.  All these items she put on the company’s credit card.  She said to me on the way home, my boyfriend and I don’t have a thing in common; I really don’t know why we are together. It was on the tip of my tongue to say, eye candy and money honey…
This is a classic case of beauty and the right brakes.
Back in the late 80’s I was hired on at Kaiser, the same Kaiser my father devoted his life to.  There were several staff members that gave me such a hard time, working there was a serious nightmare. I did happily leave that place vowing never to return.  Sometimes nepotism works and sometimes it doesn’t. I am convinced that being attractive gives one an advantage in the world.