The Golden Globes t has decided that they will not hand out Goody Bags this year to the stars that will walk the red carpet, aw shucks! You mean that 40K gift bag that was given last year with a diamond ring and a trip to Antarctica is no more? Well it seems like the US Government, specifically the IRS has declared any gift items given to stars is taxable to both the stars and the givers. The IRS has stated that they will collect back taxes from 2004 and 2005’s gift bags. But wait, it doesn’t stop there you know those big hotel suites gifted to the stars for showing up for free. All the items in the suites, the bathrobes, avian water bubble baths, champagne, his her and the poodles matching outfits are all taxable now. So when a complementary suite is reserved for the stars they are now required to pay taxes on any gifts that are in the suite they use or take. FYI back taxes for the gift suites 2004-05 need to be paid. O- shuc-kee-darn there goes that all expense paid trip to Antarctica!