I find this Meme challenging. Thank you Cherry, it got my brain working

I never eat the beginning or the end of a banana. It is a waste, I know. It was not until a few years ago part of the mystery was solved. When we lived in Guyana the top of the bananas was most often exposed, so naturally it was cut off. Now I have to figure out why I never eat the bottom portion.

When I was young I used to be a fighter. I would beat anyone up if they ever irritated me. It wasn’t until the 5th grade that I changed my ways. I attempted to beat up a guy on the wrestling team. I did get in a couple of good kicks before he dragged my on the ground by my hair. The teacher had to break it up and then I got sent to the Principle’s office and they called my Mama. By sixth grade I learned where to kick guys that would cause total disablement, that would give me ample get away time; if only I had known that back in 5th grade. I must have used up all the fight in me, cause now I avoid any confrontation like the plague.

I thought my first husband was kind of ugly. He was very nice in the beginning until we married. Then his personality matched his looks. Do not get me wrong, the guy has more women than you can count on all fingers twice, and the sad part is he’s supposed to be married.

I feel naked if I leave the house without a watch. One time I realized that I forgot my watch and I was almost at work. It was too late to go home and get it. Luckily Longs was around the corner and I went in and bought a watch on clearance. Now I have my cell phone. So on days I may forget my watch I still have Pony (cell phone) hanging out in my purse to give me the time.

My Underwear drawer has to be really neat. Everything in it has to be folded in orderly piles. Once, I saw a movie where this guy was going through this stranger’s underwear drawer. He said you could tell a lot about a women from her underwear drawer. I thought I would like to be known as organized and neat. So that is why I keep my underwear drawer that way. The rest of the house is never neat or organized.

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