Ellen DeGeneres purchased 1000 boxes of girl-scout cookies.
She handed them out on her show yesterday. OK, I bought two boxes from a Sweet Girl Scout, and I have to wait until the end of March.  Oh, and I am on that Sweet Girl Scout’s VIP list too.

Some schools are sending home notes with students for their Parents.  The notes essentially say your child is over weight, do something about it.

Brad and Angelina bought a house in the French Quarters of New Orleans.  They were tired of all the publicity they got while living in LA.  Angelina wants to cut back on work and be more of a Mom and hang out with “regular” Moms for play dates. What is a regular Mom to Angelina?

New studies shows coffee wards off Alzheimer.
But so does two glasses of beer a day, tea, bananas and green beans. People have consumed these for eons, why is Alzheimer still a growing health problem?

Cell phones emit a low level of radiation that can cause damage to your brain.  This week in the SF a man’s cell phone caught on fire in his pants.  The man was hospitalized for being badly burnt. Who gave the OK to market these bio-hazard phones?