I had wanted to see this movie when I came out in the theaters. Of course something or other kept me from seeing it. Now, I can really say, double darn gosh, that would have been a real pleasure to see on big screen.


The Cinematography is really a treat.  It is artfully mastered.  The attention to detail on this period film was at it’s finest. Show me a period film with a thrilling mystery and romance and I am all over it like a cheap suit. Edward Norton is a phenomenal actor.  Paul Giamatte is an excellent actor and sure lives up to his past performances.  (I really liked his performance in The Lady in the Water.) Jessica Biel performance was unremarkable, unless you are a guy and just liked her for the gratuitous scenes of her backside.


The movie takes place in Vienna in the early 1900’s.  The Illusionist, Eisenheim falls in love with an Aristocrat that is above his social status.  The Aristocrat becomes romantically linked with a Crown Prince.  The Illusionist uses his magical talents to gain his heart desires, the Aristocrat.  In between you have a competition for power, politics, romance, violence and of course magic.

This is a must see.  You will really enjoy this movie.