I am constantly seeing Quizanos commercials. They bombard the commercial waves. I have counted two times that I tried one of their hot specials. Both times I ended up throwing out the sandwich after a couple bites. I am not a gooey sandwich type of person. I totally enjoy a good Subway or Togo’s sandwich. It seem like the majority of sandwich eaters enjoy Quizanos, because I have noticed a lot of Togo’s are closing up.
Which do you prefer?

If you think it is rude to present your middle finger to people who drive like a bat out of hell, then this gadget is right up your alley. This gadget projects a red happy or sad or mad face on your rear window.

Grocery GPS. It seems like this device is attached to the grocery cart. It will tell you exactly where the egg noodles or rose water are. Well the good part of this one is a person doesn’t have to search all over the grocery store for grocery clerk.