Saturday we went to IKEA. I can never remember a time when we have gone to that store and it was not packed with people.  The top floor is relatively safe to navigate through.  It was the bottom floor that you really have to watch where you are walking; least someone pushes his or her cart right into you.  They had a sale on pictures, .25 cents for a series of three 16×20.  I heard someone say, where are the .25 pictures? The next thing you know there was immediately a traffic jam of shopping cart in the area, people yelling throw me one into the crowd.   Yes I did get one.  Big Sis was already there and back before someone yelled where are the .25 cents pictures.? I was returning them, because they were not our decor color, never got close.
IKEA is truly an experience.  If you eat at the Cafeteria, the food is cheap and eatable.  The Kids section is the best to me.  They always have the best stuffed animals.  Down stairs there is a food court where you can buy frozen and pre-packaged foods.  The frozen meatballs are everyone’s favorite.  They have a pre-package bread kit that makes the nicest homemade bread. This is one place we can go to for entertainment (weird people) and good buys.