What constitutes most of the trash in the world today?
I thought Star Bucks with all the coffee cups, I see spilling over garbage cans.
No, it is E-waste. Electronic waste, because cell phones, computers, TV’s, CD players and radios are so cheaply made and break down so fast that they generate more waste than any other product on the market.

Who are the richest companies in the world?
I thought Microsoft maybe McDonalds, Star Bucks again? No…
The Credit card companies. They prey on people who are credit card happy, ones that cannot pay off their cards every month. Did you know that Zero percent interest tempter is really not zero % for very long they can actually rocket up to 400 %. I don’t understand this but if you apply for a car loan, be careful and check you’re your credit card interest rate. Somehow when you apply or even just inquire about a car loan credit card companies get wind of this and automatically raise your rate.
For those people who pay off their credit card bills every month, the credit card companies affectionately refer them to as Dead Beats, due to the fact that they cannot make any money off of you.