Spanish women often head into changing rooms with an armful of different sizes never knowing which one will fit this time or whether any will fit at all.
But by 2008 those days could be over. Spain’s biggest fashion retailers have bowed to government pressure to standardize their sizes and reflect the real size of Spain’s growing population.
Under new regulations, a size 40 garment in one store will need to be at least roughly comparable to a size 40 in another shop.
There will also be a push to increase the sizes of shop window mannequins to at least a European size 38.  Spanish authorities want to ensure beauty is linked to health.
Spain’s health ministry described the current ones as unreal dolls of “alien dimensions”, which it sees as directly encouraging eating disorders such as anorexia.

Yeah, finally some brave souls have stood up and are making a change, this is one time I am rooting for the domino effect.