There are so many different popular chefs on food network. I just love watching this channel. Why, because everyone is so happy on this on this channel. There is no anger, sex or violence. Unless you get upset with chopping vegetables or cooking various animals, my suggestion is to try another channel.
Paula’s Tips; Paula is this middle age southern cook. She cooks comfort food. She is always bubbly and inviting. She makes stuff that I would never think of, or make. They are so gooey and full of stuff that would not agree with me. But she presents her meals so beautifully and full of joy, plus she always has her dog around who give comments and samples her food.
Cooking Semi Homemade with Sandra Lee, she is this skinny blonde Mom that makes meals by combining can goods, frozen foods and fresh food. I wonder if she ever eats.
Then there is The Barefoot Countesses comes up with lots of food and I know she tries everything she eats. She is believable and I bet she is an excellent cook. I would like to go to her home for dinner
Giada, is petite Italian chef with a big smile and she is really cute. She hypnotic when teaching her audience how to fix her recipes and she is fun to watch.
The only recipes that I have tried are Rachel Ray’s. I get some good ideas from her, which I modify to what I have on hand. I am so happy I have this channel cause it take the monotony out of deciding what to cook every day.