February 2007

Because some times life gets a little too hectic , I’ll have to take a blog vacation this week. I hope you all have a wonderful week.


Some products get put on the market and you have to wonder what were they thinking? Of late I have been seeing many commercials for the new Special K protein drink, a “refreshing” red or yellow juice being poured into the glass by a trim sophisticated business woman and its just not that appealing. Why did they have to pick red and yellow, the first being the color of uncooked meat and the latter being the waste product, pee. Perhaps a clear color or even blue would have been better. What kind of products do you see for sale that just make you wonder?


While Anna Nicole has been topping all news clips, magazines and tabloids, Britney was put on the back burner.  Not to be outdone with the Anna’s demise Britney decided to get back in the public face with this all time attention getter.
She shaved her head and possibly got a tattoo on it.
But that is not the end.  This became a profitable situation for a beauty shop owner.
You can buy Britney Spears locks for a Cool Million
Spears had the drastic cut at Esther’s Hair Studio in California on Friday.
The website, buybritneyshair.com, claims to have been set up by salon owner Esther Tognozzi.
It includes photos of the hair, saying it is “absolutely authentic”. Meanwhile, Spears has been spotted in Hollywood sporting a short blonde wig.
Charity pledge ( Yeah Sure, I ‘ll believe it when I see it)
The salon’s website offers bidders an “opportunity of a lifetime” and says a portion of the proceeds will be donated to various unnamed charities.
As well as the hair, the winning bidder will also get the hair clippers Spears used, a blue lighter she left at the salon and the can of Red Bull she was drinking at the time.
The site adds that the successful bidder can pick up the hair from Esther’s Hair Studio in Tarzana, California.
Mr Tognozzi said they originally listed the hair on internet auction site eBay, but it was cancelled for an “unknown reason.”
Internet frauds ( Now everyone is in on the action )
On Tuesday morning there were scores of supposed locks of Spears’ hair for sale on eBay – including some located in the UK and Germany.
“It’s pretty crazy all the frauds and stuff that’s out there,” Mr Tognozzi said. “They’re not even in our state.”

Story from the BBC World News…

When the head Honcho comes into the office every one is at their best.  My cubical is right next to her office.  So that means with what little hearing I do have left I can hear everything she says.  She is from New York and therefore speaks very loudly. This also helps me tremendously with the hearing issue.  For the last month or more she has been adding you know what I mean after every thing she says.  This is what her conversations sound like on the phone or in person.  She said that she went to the doctor office yesterday, you know what I mean? She did not like what the doctor told her, you know what I mean?Now she is calling me and complaining about the doctor, you know what I mean? She said it was our fault that we set her up with such an insensitive doctor. You know what I mean? I told her you were given a list of doctors and you selected the one you wanted to see.  You know what I mean? 

Just a comment on the insensitive doctor, most doctors are insensitive. They probably learn that one in medical school, Insensitive 101.

After a while of listening to that, it kind of gets stuck in my mind.  So I’ll be talking to someone and at the end of my remark I’ll add you know what I mean.  UGH, that bothers me so much that I have to bite my tongue to keep from saying it. Who came up with this annoying catch phrase? You know what I mean?


Running with Scissors.

At late the movies that we have gotten from Netflixs have been really awful. We watched Running with Scissors this weekend.  I should say I watched it.  After a while Big Sis bailed out and Chee went off to make important phone calls. It took me two days on and off again to get through movie.
Running with Scissors is a memoir of a boy’s life growing up in a weird and dysfunctional environment.  This boy’s mother was a struggling poet who felt oppressed by everyone in her life, so much so she had frequent bouts of insane behavior.  The boy’s father was and alcoholic who became that way because he thought he was abused misunderstood and unappreciated. Between the two parents, was a loveless marriage with constant fighting and plenty of bickering. About 1/3 of the way through the movie the mother hires a psychiatrist who was just as insane as she is.  The mother was convinced by the psychiatrist to let him adopt her son.  She did, and the story goes on with him living with the psychiatrist’s dysfunctional family. I will not explain the ending because it is somewhat unfinished, and you might want to see the movie.
I think about all the children in the world that grow up in a less than perfect family situation. There are a high percentage of those children who grow up and make something of themselves in this world.  I think about kids who are spoon-fed everything their heart’s desire and a high percentage of those children grow up and are still being spoon-fed by their parents in some form or another.
So what am I saying, in most case opposition makes an individual stronger.  Most of these kinds of movies have an ending of the child or children accomplishing good things.


I once knew this girl who was skinny as a rail.  She would tell me that she had to eat every couple of hours cause she would loose weight.  She married this really nice man and within a few months this nice man became a large nice man.  He would tell me that at 12 AM his wife would wake up hungry and have to make herself a meal.  One night she was just plain tired and ordered a large pizza.  He said he watched her eat the whole thing. (Back then large was X-large now) She literally wolfs down major meals every couple of hours.

I got into 4400, a sci-fi show on the USA network.  The show is about 4400 people who mysteriously disappeared over the century.  They were all returned to Earth one day from a UFO.  Each was endowed with special powers.  It is kind of like the show Heroes.  A particular episode was about a man who had the power to alter the metabolism of a human through his saliva.  This fat cat gave this man major money and marketed miracle water.  Each container had a microscopic amount of saliva from this particular 4400.  People were buying this water off the shelves.  They were losing weight quickly.  Only problem was that they had to keep eating all the time. After about a week people who drank the miracle water were dying of starvation.

I think I would like to adjust my metabolism.  But not to the extent of above examples.

When TLC first came out with Ain’t Too Proud to Beg, their single was ahead of its time and they could not get booked for gigs without first changing the lyrics of their song. They showed up in baggy pants and sang about reclaiming female sexuality and not becoming just another stereotypical woman who pleases her man. The industry wasn’t ready for this and wanted a more feminine looking group. TLC eventually got famous, throughout their career they continued to push barriers with songs like No Scrubs, that was about raising dating standards and not settling for a scrub, ( a guy that still lives at home doesn’t take showers and bums rides around from his friends all day). Unpretty was all about who makes us feel pretty and making fun of plastic surgery. Take a look at the video, it’s worth admiring how cutting edge these gender benders were!

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