The Queen is in town! The Queen Mary -2 Floated under the bridge yesterday and took port in San Francisco.
Did you know the Queen Mary -2 is very close to 4- football fields long and 21 stories high? This baby can fit a large passenger airplane and track and field event with the super bowl field all at the same time. It costed 880 million dollars to make and took three years just to plan.

The Queen is doing a round the world tour. Check out the prices
First Class, however, is expensive. A ticket for the top-of-the-line suite on the ship’s current around-the world-in-81-days voyage costs $185,905 per person. The least-expensive cabin for the trip is $21,185. Portions of the voyage are cheaper — the 14-day trip from San Francisco, sailing Feb. 5, is $36,559 at the high end and $4,199 for an inside cabin.

This is not to be confused with the Queen Elizabeth 2 that came into town two weeks ago with the Norvirus. (Stomach stuff coming out at both ends)

Sixteen years ago I went on a Cruise Ship. That was one of the best vacations that I have had.
We went to the Caribbean on a much, much smaller ship, the USS Dolphin. When we were sailing, it was so beautiful. Once I was standing outside looking over the deck and there were a school of dolphins swimming along side of the boat just looking up at us and laughing and talking away. The food was so delicious; we ate from 7AM to 12AM. At night we would dress up really fancy and go to dinner we where they paired up at tables with couples that they thought would get along well. They would serve the most wonderful food and we would all sit around laughing and talking the night away. Ironically the four couples we were paired up with, we did most everything together. It was like we made new good friends. Years after we kept in touch. What could be more fun than good food and nice friends?