The British royal family changed their surname (last name) from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor in 1917.
Hummm, that is a mouth full for a last name.
For years I have been thinking about changing my last name. General consensus is to go back to my maiden name.  While that is the logical thing to do, there is something about logic that makes me run the other way. Py has kindly suggested many names over the years a lot of them really sound nice.
I found out recently the area in India where we thought my father’s family came from the tradition is the last name changed every generation.  You would take your father’s first name as your last name and your child would take your first name as his or her last name and so on.  So, I thought of taking my father’s first name as my last name.  That thought did not go over too well with the family. But what is a name?  In Hollywood the stars change their names so they would be more glamorous. Why is a name so important?  Why do we have to only take our father’s name?
What about the mother’s name?  In my case why do my kids have to have their dad’s name, he was not around to see them grow up so why should they walk around with a name that they hold so much anger towards. I want to know who made up these rules?
In the future may be we will only be known by our first name and the last two digits of the year we were born, because I think the tradition to holding onto the family clan’s name is slowly exiting stage left.