James Blunt, Your Beautiful.
This artist and song was nominated several times last night in the Grammy awards.
This song and artist bugs the heck out of me.  This song is so depressing and irritating.  What makes it even more irritating is the music video.  One day I was flipping the channels and came across this artist singing this song, I thought ok I give him a chance to make good, this weird song.  Ok, he totally blew it.  In case you haven’t seen it.   James is sitting out in the middle of nowhere in a snowstorm.  He starts to take off his shoes, socks, and everything else, laying each item in an orderly fashion next to him.  When he finally gets down to his birthday suit he turns around and jumps off the edge of this platform into the icy water.  Yeap, he commits suicide cause he could not have the beautiful women because she was married.  Well, that was it for me, it is a dumb song and I turn the station every time I hear it.  Do you have a song that irritates you every time you hear it?